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Tell Me a Story: Storytelling in the Library

Presentation at Eastern Idaho Library Association conference, May 2011.
Co-presented with Kathryn Poulter, Children's Librarian, Marshall Public Library, Pocatello, ID

Storytelling is a timeless means of sharing. You don't need a book or a script to tell stories! In this hands-on workshop we worked together to develop stories that could be told in the library, as well as to family and friends. Preparation exercises, helpful books and other resources were shared. Digital storytelling was covered briefly. Even those who had "never told a story before" loved this workshop.

Craft Therapy for Tweens and Teens

"Rx for a Healthy Library:" Southwest Idaho Library Association conference presentation, April 2010.

PowerPoint Slides created by F. May

co-presented with Susan NIckel, Capital HS librarian, Boise

Posted to Northwest Central, a continuing education compendium, on November 29, 2011.


Presentation for Craft Therapy.pptx Presentation for Craft Therapy.pptx
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Earning Your MLIS: First Steps

Southwest Idaho Library Association Panel Discussion, February 2011

Write-up published in The Idaho Librarian , May 2011

Earning a Masters.docx Earning a Masters.docx
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