There's something in each of us that wants things to stay the same. We resist change, to a greater or lesser degree, because often change is seen as equivalent to loss. And when things inevitably change, sometimes we go through the same gamut of emotions that accompany the grief of loss. All these ideas have been highlighted for me in readings this week for a class I'm taking. But they're nothing new. I'm not a particularly change-oriented person. I like adventure sometimes, but often I appreciate the rhthm of established routine.

Working in information science, especially in the public library, we don't have the luxury of avoiding change. It pursues us, relentlessly, as we serve our patrons and organize our information objects. It may appear in the form of technology, economics, personnel, or expectations but the mandate remains: change will come and we need to accept and perhaps even welcome it. What changes are next? That's what tomorrow will help us to see.