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The Simple Things

Posted by Fiona F. May on Friday, March 25, 2011,
I have a newfound appreciation of the simple things in life. This week, after a prolonged (1.5 year) hiatus, a particular room in my house again has a sink with running water. Just turning the handle and watching the water flow effortlessly out gave me great joy.

Sometimes we think only the grand, the elegant, the time-consuming and the mind-boggling projects are worthwhile. It's not true. The simple things are good. Maybe even great. After all, where would I be without a sink and running wate...
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Who Knew?

Posted by Fiona F. May on Sunday, March 20, 2011, In : future 
Reading Anita Silvey's, "Children's Book Almanac," I discovered things about author Bill Martin I never knew. He had a Ph.D. and started his career in publishing. He mentored Eric Carle. He's no longer with us.

The journey we take as life moves along and careers progress is rarely a linear, predicatable one. My journey has had twists and turns too numerous to count. I've done work in my "career" that is vastly different than what I plan to do for the next 20 some-odd years. (putting electrodes...
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